Our Product (with Pamela Rosenkranz)

Collaborative text with Pamela Rosenkranz to accompany her work for the Swiss Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2015.

See virtual version of the booklet here. See also Hyperplastic-Supernormal.

Abeel Abeen Aben Afriam Afrim Afristil Albatom Albinium Albiobact Albolat Albulat Albulis Aliomone Ambisone Archiome Armone Axianis Bactis Balandium Belenium Bellenium Belliam Bellisom Biancolin Bictiam Biencalon Biomil Biomorbat Bionin Biosil Carelium Caressil Carnaem Carnelle Carnin Carnitin Celentis Celinor Celium Cenel Cestis Chenil Chronas Clarian Clarium Clerentis Clestis Clidian Clidianum Cliron Clirontis Clodium Cloudiane Colees Colienis Colifung Confasen Contreel Curalorium Cureen Curin Diamome Diffasol Disomone Effendra Effernis Elat Elbalat Elbenis Elbulis Elemome Elemone Elendiris Elenium Elin Elindan Endium Epidiome Eresmes Eresmis Etolene Europiome Evogenic Evoin Evulviom Extesis Faeben Fermelyn Figium Fingilin Fingin Flairin Flais Flantis Fleen Fleent Fleren Flesnin Fletan Floorium Florismorb Fossilys Fossilyt Fosslim Fungiome Galium Gean Genaeta Genea Geneas Geneation Generall Geniol Gleen Glissan Grasseme Greel Greenol Grenil Grewenis Halonea Helea Helion Holean Holeana Holeen Holis Holoeana Hologena Holos Imersa Imersoleen Immopion Indiam Indiosym Inox Interneer Intral Intril Introl Introlactis Isolon Isoloun Isomome Isomone Jabiome Jeserbit Jestensil Jialit Jylium Klaritime Klitariam Labelin Labes Lacal Lacecil Lacecin Laces Lacis Lacteer Lactilium Lactiso Lactition Lactone Laitome Laltimo Laltis Laltisome Laltisone Laltissimo Laltome Lapulin Larmone Latone Lavalen Lavelan Laverin Leftaren Legatis Leisome Leisomone Lemenium Lemis Lemium Letalat Letone Levandril Levelin Levenda Levendas Libes Lirentis Liseen Liseme Lisin Lisomone Livandum Livelean Livelium Lupitiome Lupitione Mafricat Magmas Magmate Magmelia Magna Malat Malium Maternat Melbelum Melerel Melisone Melomone Memiran Memone Memorium Menis Meridium Merilium Mertensis Mesoft Meternis Metersis Microsoil Microsyn Milactin Miliandul Mirmarium Moisma Molculis Moliculis Molten Momin Momine Monalin Moriosyl Morium Morphen Movendis Moverin Murmarion Mycilistil Mylemone Mylium Mymone Nanindor Nanium Nanom Nanomium Nanoon Nanum Nanume Nasiom Nastat Nebelle Nebellion Nebolium Necrion Nekrepil Nekroferm Nekrosoil Nekrostil Nelban Nelbelit Nelleit Neluliom Nemeen Nemoena Nemonium Nenetenis Neonium Neopin Neotarnat Neoteen Neotelen Neotene Neotenus Neuropistil Niclium Nimonies Nimonium Nirmens Noemium Nostril Nuagene Nucliome Nukrilat Oben Ocalis Ocaltion Ocilis Olbanium Olbensis Olbex Olbinium Olbis Olbix Omeen Omin Partelemis Pathium Petroilis Phylator Phylosil Planis Plasman Plasmin Plasnine Plastat Plastis Plastit Plenol Plensis Plentol Plentolin Plesticolin Plinstaat Plion Plisman Plismon Predatir Qalisorb Qenteen Qermeel Qill Qualbiat Qualibact Quelen Querms Questen Questen Quiam Quilensir Raelin Raeline Realat Realen Realine Realinin Realit Redeneer Reenis Refleine Releban Releen Relion Rilin Rubarbiol Rubinerol Sabes Salub Sangin Sangol Sebiome Seeben Seelium Seem Seepium Seftoon Selben Selbome Selentis Selmeleen Selmelin Semeen Senseer Sensen Sensis Serben Siangol Signeel Silben Sileen Silican Silicen Simalan Simulon Singol Singulan Sireen Sirten Sirtensis Skillen


Neotene is a concentrate so rich in active biotics that it forms a second skin coextensive with our own, a liquid amnion supplementing every vital function and consolidating our being.

Sheath of identity and medium of our most important transactions, this delicate membrane is a shared substance, a screen radiating elemental monochrome, a common mass.


Sustenance and security. Both protective and nutrifying, Evoin ensures photoprotection while promoting the absorption of crucial nutrients, no matter how far from home.

Its thermoactive true color technology is the fruit of an actively engineered evolution. Uniting exclusive opacifiers with hydrophilic copolymers, it provides a thermally responsive system that is second to none—at any latitude.


Walk on water: no letdowns. Bionin is a resilient yet mild solution with low shear viscosity, unparalleled in pickup and elasticity, and offering the unique benefits of a premium particle therapy.

Rheological modifiers achieve the perfect flow/ sag balance while preserving biological stability. In its depthless eddies, it seems to sink while rising. Defying the laws of physics, we stride north on its softly yielding swell.


Surface goes deeper than we think, yet Umbrotene tells our story at a glance with its unrivalled immersive depth and translucency. A suspension of particles in an organic matrix lends it that unmistakeable fullness. Nature’s palette, our touch.

The creation of our product is the perfect synthesis of a unique heritage: a gleaming
consistency we can never get enough of.


Transition is both promise and peril. We achieve ever greater potential, but we were not built for a compromised atmosphere. A vast array of contaminants constantly encroaches on our vitality.

A protean radiance heavy with life, Albulis is the brightest light. It beams out toxins, relieving us of the chemical burden of our existence.


Like drinking yourself in. A dream of the milk of immemorial mothers, Solood is a draft of true sanity, awakening us to the delicate metabolism of our internal ecosystem.

Released in measured, steady doses, it crosses all boundaries to bring us back to a world before us.


Promoting diffusion of the blue light that opens our eyes, Bactis invigorates and arouses. It awakens us in the morning and it puts us to sleep at night because it perfuses us, through and through, again and again, until there is no longer any separation. The blue sea of our tears, the ocean we have carried with us for millennia.

Intensifying the red embers of the day, it gently sends us out to slumber. Red blooms, suffusing the skin as we touch. The wonder of our flesh and the nutrients it bears, day and night. The translucency of a radiant surface unclouded by harsh climes. Everything we need already moves within us.


But when we travel inside ourselves, what do we find? For too long, that particular void has been crammed with lesser products. They don’t take the time to get to know us, they leave unwanted residues. They don’t live with us.

Refleine fills this hole we are falling into endlessly. Warming and expansive, it smooths away our imperfections as it seeps into thirsting tissue. Circulating the same pulse through every one of us, it provides relief.


A crystal clear note sounds out across the eons: Where there is water, there is life. Water that has made its long journey through rocks that cooled and hardened at the dawn of the planet, seeping through the purest of pure and most ancient of ancient minerals, untouched by man.

We celebrate this secret alchemy by distilling a new, inspired formula for today. Isolon is a total environment for mobility and growth. Dive back in.


In asking what our product is made of, we are asking many questions at once. What are we made of? We carry within ourselves memories of a thousand former lives. It’s taken millions of years for nature to build us. But now is the time.

A multisensory approach to creation makes stringent demands on the art of engineering. Necrion has been created with the most exceptional ingredients, those provided by nature itself.


Elemone is a molecule. It disseminates the scent of new beginnings, emanating in ever-increasing circles that lap so gently against the limits of the self. Feel its resonance, its corpuscles pealing like bells.

Cascading from icy heights into innumerable rivulets, it drenches our precious tissue, inside and out, delivering boundless possibilities.


A new habitat and a new culture. The trajectory of innovation obeys universal principles. Our collective expression is deeply rooted in an instinctive sympathy for our common foundation.

In developing Imersa, we crafted a whole seamless world to nurture potency and drive. Because we are the sum of the materials that make us—and more.


Selentis explores the uncharted zone between impression and expression, attuning every component to achieve perfect alignment, sounding the most vibrant and vigorous note.

By taking care of all the details, we allow to transpire something that is beyond the senses. The allure of the exact timbre that suffuses the spirit, the hot high color, the rising of the sap, the tingling of the epidermis as ancestral memories break surface. We all rise in the same direction.


The universal impulse to gather sustenance from a green environment is our source of replenishment and satisfaction. And when the center is compromised, fresh resources are critical.

The precisely calibrated luminance of electromagnetic Vertinel provides strength and focus when our body is in need of deep work. Intimations of generous superabundance and serenity form a sensory environment in which we feel motivated to flourish and prosper. Reach out
to the canopy, harvest our light, soothe the heart.


What should stay the same? Clean air, clean soil, clean water. Things change, but Holeana remains.

With its elements carefully balanced by a precise composition of bacterial cultures, it is a finely adjusted organism all of whose parts work together to compose a symphony to stabilization.


Burn off the surplus. Rilin is an agent that defies description. It fights for us relentlessly, banishing aggressors, purging the volatile organic compounds that impede natural flow, and restoring our biome.

A watchful sentinel, its active sequestering agents constantly fend off a broad range of bioaccumulative toxins. Maximum protection for optimal progress.


Carnaem is a benediction distilled from the deepest rootstock of human life. Isotonic to the rich serum of progenitor hemoglobin that repairs and restructures, it is the only choice for the cultivation of vitality.

Like drinking our own blood from another time, uncompromised by the twenty-first century, to absorb it is to become it. A surge of aerating potency welling up in the core.


Melisone feels as intimate as your own name; or another, secret name for something even closer to you, a radiant name that can only be whispered. It’s in all of us, this is our firm belief, but sometimes we just need to hear that sound. You might call it a miracle.

Skinsen Skseen Smelteen Smelten Smeltis Smerensis Smilliensis Smisenil Smolin Smolteen Smolten Smoltis Soferine Sofertan Sofneer Softan Softeen Solamone Solfan Solin Soliseen Solmutec Solon Solood Solute Solvin Sonal Soneen Sonol Sorban Sorbas Sorbasol Sorben Sorbis Soumdar Spileet Spilit Spirilum Subium Super lait Tareen Targenic Targentic Tarin Teneer Tergenic Termen Terminis Thermerin Tonis Trabulium Trersal Trersus Tristaris Tristarol Uassan Ulin Ulium Uminium Unin Ureen Usheen Usherseen Varensis Vebas Vebernis Vebis Veel Veelis Velacto Velactron Velaito Velatone Veletite Velite Velution Velution Vertersis Verticulen Vertinel Vestis Vesuven Vesuventis Vevuse Vialis Viargat Vibernate Vinal Vintrinsic Virensis Virgenil Virmeril Virulat Virulin Visol Visorb Visorbat Visorbit Visulis Vitalat Vitalemis Vitanol Vitasin Viteas Vitril Vitrol Vivilin Vivymenol Walaime Wavium Weleme Wemeen Weva Wevaoine Weviome Wivium Wuliastin Wyn Xandristin Xenius Xenoteria Xiome Xirstiome Xist Xistin Xistis Ylandan Ylium Ylladiss Ylludiuom Ylys Zeelaom Zeelion Zeeriam Zeleda Zeomal Ziamin Zoamin Zooleanis Zoolin Zoomin Zoomindis Zooventis Zyrteen Zyrten Zyrtium