DJK Huysmans—Felt Cute

Guest Mix for Silvia Kastel’s show on NTS Radio. Listen to the show here.

It‘s bobbly and it’s wobbly, it’s round and bouncy, smooth but sharp, smol but blobby, clumsy but just-so, it’s squishy, truncated, wonky, eepy, extremely superficial and superficially extreme…and you’re its next victim. In this delish bundle of adorbs bops, DJK Huysmans (AKA Maya B. Kronic, co-author of Cute Accelerationism) glomps the shapeshifting sonic consistency of Cute, steering around the zany, the dozy, the sweet and the sentimental, the manic and the unhinged, the whimsical and the beautiful to flump straight into the hyperplastic supernormal emojified heart of cuteness. Nothing uncute makes it out of the near future.